Affordable, effective, practical methods individuals and couples can use to handle anger, disagreements, hurt, and burnout from an overload of helping others.


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Meet the Authors and Understand the Principals of "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Dallas and Nancy will personally show you how to go from conflict to caring in your relationships and how to lead others through this dynamic process.

Relevant - Handles most common problem for conflict in relationships

Fun - Lots of laughter - Dallas and Nancy share examples from their own marriage as they illustrate the concepts.

Hear what is being said about how
Discovery Listening impacts lives

"The problem with me was I did every thing internally and never had anybody help me to clarify what it was I was thinking or feeling. And so my relationships were much shallower. As a result of this process, not only have I had an opportunity to understand myself better in the comfort of who I am in Christ, but it also enables me to address the hearts of my wife and children and everybody else"

--- Ray V.

" As a pastor this is great relief because I don't have to be fixing anyone because that's the job of the Wonderful Counselor. And I get to sit there, just keeping this listening process going, and observe the life of God at work."

"…When I realized that Christ was living in me, and while I was in conversation with someone, I began to expect something wonderful was about to happen. And so I began to check it out, Would God really allow things to surface that needed healing. And overwhelmingly I found out that He would. I don't think there's a pastor in the world who wouldn't like to be extraordinarily helpful to His people. But we have become so dependent on our ability to whip a Scripture verse on someone, or to formulate God's promises for grief or whatever, rather than let the living Christ in them and in me expose what's really happening inside them."

---Bobby C

Finally, a practical resource that people can use to improve their relationships--at home, work, and ministry! Dallas and Nancy Demmitt help you apply the principles step-by-step. I highly recommend "Can You Hear Me Now?". It is a simple, yet profound resource that could transform your life.

__Dr. Robert E. Logan
Executive Director
CoachNet International Ministries

Husband and father of two - "I fix things all day long. That's my job. But when I get home, trying to "fix" my wife did not work. The more I tried to help , the more frustrated we both got. My learning to listen has changed all that."

Wife - Listening has helped our physical intimacy. When we hear each other, I feel valued and I want to express the closeness and gratitude I feel toward him. He's my friend as well as my lover."

Single Mom - "Learning to listen has helped my relationship with my children. They've been through a rough time and before I didn't know how to help them. Now they are opening up to me and I can hear their pain without feeling overwhelmed by it or needing to make it all go away for them."

Pastor and wife " I didn't know the problem we had were so common or so simple to solve!"


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